Healthy Relationships
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  Preventing Juvenile Offender Violence
Los Angeles, California

Each year, 60,000 juvenile offenders in Los Angeles County are taught by educators working in the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Juvenile Court and Community Schools (LACOE JCCS) division.

Co-developers Peter Davison and Andrew Safer conducted a two-day training for 50 LACOE JCCS educators and administrators in August. Healthy Relationships is now being implemented as a pilot program in two juvenile detention halls, eight community education centers, and one shelter for abused children.

When asked why this program was selected, JCCS's Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Dolores Richie said: "This curriculum on anger and violence is a natural extension of our program to teach responsibility and conflict resolution to youth at risk." She emphasized as particularly beneficial the curriculum's emphases on understanding aggression, exploring emotions and dealing with gender issues related to violent behavior.

"It's critical that young people in our programs address these issues to prevent future violence," Dr. Richie said. "It's also beneficial for our teachers. By going through the training, they are better able to model the kinds of behaviors that will promote peaceful conflict resolution and anger management. A future goal would be to offer the Healthy Relationships training to all JCCS teachers."

Relationships are Key to Health
Andover, Massachusetts

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