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Brooklyn, New York

Lakeside Family and Children's Services is a child welfare agency in New York City that has developed both a 12-week program and an extended 22-week program based on Healthy Relationships that has been delivered to girls living in group homes who have suffered abuse and neglect.

The domestic violence coordinator, Jennifer Bloomfield, who sits on the New York City Interagency Task Force on Domestic Violence, reports that the curriculum is helping the girls to recognize the signs of violence in relationships. One girl who completed the 12-week course told Jennifer that she had decided to terminate her relationship because she realized it was violent. She then went on to take the 22-week course. When it ended, she reported that her new boyfriend had just slapped her for the first time, and that she was going to end that relationship, too, before it had a chance to escalate. Jennifer saw this as an indication that a greater exposure to the curriculum deepened this girl's understanding of abuse because she was able to recognize it at an earlier stage.

The girls in one extended course made their own video in which they acted the key roles of batterer, victim and psychologist. Jennifer reports that this was an extremely positive experience which helped boost the girls' self-esteem. She adds: "What a wonderful impact your program has had!"

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