Andrew Safer

1585 Barrington Street #307, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 1Z8

Tel.: (902) 422-8476   Fax: (902) 425-1862   E-mail: asafer@hfx.eastlink.ca
Preventing youth violence requires:
  • Strong commitment
  • A belief in the basic goodness of young people
  • Relevant material for youth to engage in, healthy role modelling, and
  • Listening to what they have to say!
Andrew is available for Training, Speaking and Workshop Facilitation on violence prevention topics including:

Dealing With Anger
  • Anger and Self-Awareness
  • Constructive and Destructive Anger
  • Standing Your Ground (Recognizing and Enforcing Personal Boundaries, Assertiveness, Saying "No", and How to Complain)
Emotional Intelligence
  • Teaching young people the skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives—self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation and social skills
Healthy Relationships
  • A Violence-Prevention Curriculum published by Men For Change—a comprehensive three-year violence-prevention program which teaches: Emotional Intelligence, Media Literacy, Gender Analysis, and Power and Control Dynamics in Teen and Adult Relationships
Andrew Safer
Andrew also provides the following services in violence-prevention education:

Course and Curriculum Development Co-author/consultant on violence-prevention curriculum development projects

Communications & Media Relations in the areas of curriculum content, design and implementation; project development, collaboration and management; media relations; and networking with Canadian and international experts in the field.

Andrew Safer
An award-winning journalist and communications consultant, Andrew is the author and co-developer of Healthy Relationships: A Violence-Prevention Curriculum published by Men For Change of Halifax. The study and practice of Buddhist meditation and philosophy over a period of 27 years have fostered in him a deep appreciation for non-aggression and compassion, and the importance of helping others. He has been working in the field of violence prevention in association with Men For Change for the past nine years. Andrew has facilitated Healthy Relationships sessions in junior and senior high school classrooms and conducted Healthy Relationships presentations and trainings in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Ontario in Canada, and in Austin, Phoenix, Miami and Los Angeles in the United States.

Andrew's articles on school-based violence-prevention have appeared in The Canadian School Executive, The National Crime Prevention Centre's Community Stories series, and Sexual Health Exchange, an international Amsterdam-based publication. He is currently writing a one-hour documentary on violence and violence-prevention in the public schools which is in development by Triad Films Limited of Halifax.

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