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13. How is HRC being received across North America?

Since we began our marketing efforts in 1994 we have shipped HRC to all corners of North America including all provinces and territories in Canada and 30 US states. In the process of gathering material for our newsletters we have followed up on dozens of implementations and discovered that the curriculum has found its way into applications that we never imagined when we were developing it. It seems to have taken on a life of its own!

14. What research or evaluation has been conducted?

In 1996, the Manitoba Research Centre on Family Violence and Violence Against Women chose HRC to be the subject of a three-year longitudinal study. Post-test data is currently being compiled and the report of year one findings is expected in September. HRC was selected from 12 violence-prevention programs published in North America because, according to Researcher Dr. Wendy Joshephson, it is "an integrated, long-term approach, well-planned curriculum and is attractive to teachers." In 1995 the Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children in London, Ontario reviewed HRC and listed it as the only violence-prevention resource recommended for secondary schools. In 1995 the Nova Scotia Department of Education also formally reviewed the program and placed it on its List of Authorized Learning Materials.

15. Is the program available in other languages?

Yes, a French language version of the complete curriculum produced by the Nova Scotia Department of Education is now available. Translation of the curriculum into other lanaguges is currently under consideration.


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