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17. What do educators say about the program?

"In places where this is taught, you'd see the effects of it; you'd see fewer and fewer problems with interpersonal relationships. It's wonderful because you're reaching students who may not ordinarily come to you, but then something is stirred within them, and now they're ready to talk."
—Mary MacDonald, Family Studies Teacher
Astral Drive Junior High, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

"In the Grade 6 students, I've noticed a change in behavior in their acceptance of one another. I would say there are dramatic changes. We spent the year working with I Messages with them. One of the boys had a terrible problem with temper control and expressing himself. Now he understands when we use I Messages on him. He can say sorry, even if it's hard for him, and he walks away from fights. He has the instinct to fight, but he avoids conflict."
—Hetty Adams, Principal
William King Elementary, Herring Cove, Nova Scotia

"My students are 13 to 17 year olds who are in lock- up on probation violations, facing new charges, court ordered detention, or awaiting transfer to a state facility...I enjoy the lessons which lead to lively class discussions. I appreciate that the lessons are participatory...So far, lessons in Volume Three, Personal Boundaries and Sexual Harassment, have been my best sessions."
—Officer Carol Reid of the McMinnville Police Department teaches at the Yamhill County Juvenile Detention Centre in Oregon.

"For me, Healthy Relationships has been helpful. It's a concrete presentation of some pretty complex ideas. What I'm seeing is that dialogue has begun, and that's becoming a consistent theme, which I think is really powerful. I see a lot of potential for behavior change...With girls, the challenge is typically to go from passive to assertive, whereas with guys the challenge is to go from aggressive to assertive. It worked equally in helping them practice on both genders."
—A former adult probation officer, Karen Hunt teaches young offenders through University YWCA in Austin, Texas.

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