Healthy Relationships
Violence Prevention Curriculum

The principal investigator will provide primary intellectual direction, assume overall responsibility for the administration of the grant, and share responsibility with the co- investigator for communicating research results through scholarly publications and conference presentations. The principal investigator will work closely with Men For Change and Culture, Heritage and Citizenship Manitoba on planning and implementing the training for teachers. The co-investigator will take a lesser share in the intellectual direction of the project and the administration of the grant. Both the principal investigator and the co-investigator will work closely with the research assistants.

Culture, Heritage and Citizenship Manitoba has extensive experience in training family violence prevention workers through its Multicultural Partner Abuse Prevention Program. Culture, Heritage and Citizenship Manitoba will provide expertise in that area, and especially regarding the cultural appropriateness of the prevention program and its associated measures. This will involve providing assistance with the teacher training, and occasional use of staff time to provide advice and assistance regarding cultural issues relevant to the dating violence prevention program.

Men For Change will provide ongoing consultation to team members and research assistants, by phone and mail, regarding the dating violence program. The organization will also participate in the first training session. Men For Change will absorb 70% of the cost of curriculum manuals for teachers and the research team.

Winnipeg School Division No. 1 will provide in-class teacher time and input, liaison with parents and students, use of school audio-visual equipment and materials from the divisional resource centre, space for meetings and focus groups, and communication of results through facilitating meetings with parents and students.


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