Healthy Relationships
line Andrew Safer presented a workshop at the Eleventh Annual Crime Prevention Conference in Corner Brook, Newfoundland on June 7. He focused on the toxicity of sex-role stereotypes, and their effects on the socialization of teens who play out perpetrator and victim roles in dating violence relationships. This, in turn, serves as the training ground for the next generation of domestic violence if allowed to develop unchecked. The workshop explored the role of education in breaking this cycle.

Andrew's wife, Catherine Safer, facilitated a series of role plays based on the Biff and Bambi role play in Healthy Relationships. Biff wants to take Bambi to the movies on Friday night, but Bambi has other plans. In the first cut, they both buy into the gender stereotypes. Next, she steps out of the stereotype box. Next, he steps out of the box. And, finally, they are both free from the influences of stereotypes, and they negotiate a solution. Herb Chapman or Halifax, N.S. and Melba Rabinowitz of St. John's, Nfld. did a splendid job, and had the rest of us in stitches!

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