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  In late September, the Los Angeles County Office of Education's Juvenile Court and Community Schools Division (LACOE JCCS) began a three-month pilot of Healthy Realtionships in two juvenile halls, eight community education centers, and one shelter for abused children. The effectiveness of the program will be assessed by a LACOE evaluator after completion of the pilot in December. (For details, see Press Release)

On August 15 and 16, Healthy Relationships co-developers Peter Davison and Andrew Safer conducted a two-day training in Los Angeles for LACOE JCCS. In attendance were approximately 50 teachers who teach at JCCS juvenile camps and community schools located throughout the county, as well as probation officers, health consultants, and administrators of other youth programs including LA Dads and Excel. Thirteen participants made the commitment to pilot the program (see above).

Prior to the training, Peter and Andrew visited some of the JCCS facilities and met with some of the youth in attendance there. On this particular day, they stopped for lunch at a Mexican take-out restaurant. A man came in, pulled a gun from his waist, and walked up to the cash register, pushing Andrew aside. Pointing the gun at the cash, he told the woman behind the counter to open the drawer. Whereupon he scooped up the dollar bills, put them in his pocket, turned, and casually walked out. Andrew and Peter watched him jump a fence. The police arrived within minutes but it was too late. A bit shaken, Andrew and Peter went to meet with young offenders at a community education center, where we had a lively discussion about what had taken place!

While in L.A., Peter and Andrew hosted an information session about the curriculum at the Norwalk Marriott Hotel in Norwalk. Among the attendees were administrators from three school districts, a LACOE guidance counselors consultant, and representatives from two violence-prevention community groups, a rape treatment center, and a hospital.

Andrew also met with The Right Honourable Kim Campbell who is Consul General of the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles, and a former Prime Minister of Canada. Ms. Campbell expressed considerable interest in Healthy Relationships and discussed opportunities for further involvement during our next trip to L.A. (see: Halifax Daily News, March 25,1998).

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