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First published in 1993, Healthy Relationships Curriculum is as relevant today as it was when it was created. Not without growing pains, the past decades have seen the curriculum tested in the lab and in the field. Now the word is out — and Healthy Relationships has met the test of time.

To help us celebrate we invite you to share your stories. If you are using Healthy Relationships, or if you are using another violence-prevention curriculum, what's working for you? What elements of your approach are working particularly well? How are you making a difference? Please write and let us know: We will dedicate a page on this site to share your insights and those of others who are working in this field.

After all, the real cause for celebration are the teachers and youth workers who are out there where the rubber meets the road, everyday. The celebration is in the teachable moments, and that sparkle you see in a student's eye when he or she realizes something truly significant!

What follows here is a brief retrospective of the past eleven years — the decade+ that introduced Healthy Relationships in schools and community groups in North America and beyond...

STARS appear in Massachusetts School
Visit the Students Teaching and Advocating Respect (STARs) program Website from Cambridge Rindge & Latin School to see them shine!

New site for the Media Awareness Network recommends Healthy Relationships
"This award-winning healthy lifestyle curriculum..."

Resolve Alberta


Visit English/French web site at:

Youth Learn Alternatives to Violence
Final Results of Three-Year Evaluation

A three-year longitudinal study in seven Winnipeg junior high schools has documented the effectiveness of Healthy Relationships: A Violence-Prevention Curriculum by Men For Change of Halifax.

Pour des relations saines (PRS)
Healthy Relationships in French

Translated by the Nova Scotia Department of Education, the French translation of Healthy Relationships is now available from Men For Change. Please send inquiries to Roger Davies at

Men For Change Receives Peace Award
Men For Change was honoured to receive the MTT Community Peace Award, "In recognition of an outstanding contribution to promoting harmony in our schools," on May 12, 2000 at the first annual conference of the League of Peaceful Schools.

The conference was held at Cole Harbour High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The League of Peaceful Schools is an initiative of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and the Halifax Regional School Board to promote safe schools at the elementary, junior and senior high levels through peer mediation and other forms of conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Over Seventy-Thousand Visitors.
First posted in mid-1996, the Healthy Relationships Web site has received thousands of visits and many hundreds of inquiries about the curriculum. Information requests have come in from individuals and organizations in more than 800 cities and towns—and they keep coming in from around the world. inquiries have come to us from Argentina, Australia, England, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain and many more from closer to home. Special thanks to everyone who has expressed interest!

Men For Change will send you an information package via email about the curriculum including Frequently Asked Questions and Healthy Relationships In Action, a bulletin featuring eight school- and community-based implementations in the US and Canada. Please click here for a fill in form.

Saskatoon Catholic Schools
The "Equal Dignity-Shared Responsibility" Steering Committee of Saskatoon Catholic Schools purchased 45 copies of Healthy Relationships and placed them in the Resource Centres of both their elementary schools (K-8) and high schools (9-12). Grade 7/8 teachers were in-serviced in the use of the "Gender Equality and Media Awareness" section (Volume Two).

"This particular section is very popular with teens! It engages them in examining media to see how its messages influence people. The curriculum is very teacher-friendly in that it requires minimal pre-planning and all handouts are ready-made." — Contributed by Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Caledon Institute C O M M U N I T Y   S T O R I E S   S E R I E S
The Online Healthy Relationships Project

by Andrew Safer

Full text of this article in English | en Français

National Crime Prevention Showcase
Canada's National Crime Prevention Centre showcased the Online Healthy Relationships Project along with other selected NCPC-funded violence-prevention initiatives on May 15, 2000 at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre, in Mississauga, Ontario

Preventing Violence in the Schools
Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Andrew Safer gave a presentation on the role of Emotional Intelligence in Violence Prevention Education at the Preventing Violence in the Schools Conference in Toronto on September 27, 1999 The following day Andrew facilitated a half day workshop on the Healthy Relationships: A Violence Prevention Curriculum.

Healthy Relationships launches
New Web Server at

It's the same site mirrored on a new faster server. After over forty months on the trusty "" server, this site now has its own domain:, translated: Men For Change dot Nova Scotia dot Canada.Update your bookmarks!

Note: For those of you who have Web sites which link to Healthy Relationships please update your link to when you get a chance. Thank you!

Roger Davies at the Hague Appeal for Peace
Curriculum Co-developer Roger Davies and four 17-year-old Universalist-Unitarian youth from Halifax attended the Hague Appeal for Peace in The Netherlands from May 10 to May 15, 1999. Nearly ten thousand people from around the world attended this high-profile event where the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Khofi Annan, Lloyd Axworthy and many other luminaries gave presentations.

The program for youth included:
  • Future Vision Mural (conflict resolution through art)
  • Learn to Inspect a Nuclear Weapons Base
  • International Youth Debate on the Rights of the Child in Armed Conflicts
  • Landmines as a Fallout for War-Youth Action for Peace
  • Reporting Violent Conflict-Training for Young Journalists
  • Youth Interfaith Dialogue
  • Bullying — You Can Prevent It
Burning weapons in the HagueBurning weapons at
the Hague Appeal for Peace.

Youth discuss peace
Youth discuss peace.

For more information on this event visit the Hague Appeal for Peace website or write: Roger Davies for his impressions.

Onward to the City of Angels
Peter Davison and Andrew Safer are returning to Los Angeles for a week of teacher training and consulting with the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE), Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS). From May 10-14, 1999, Peter and Andrew will conduct training sessions with teachers who are already using the Healthy Relationships curriculum, as well as with teachers who are about to begin using the curriculum. LACOE JCCS is the education system for 60,000 incarcerated youth who attend school in juvenile halls, juvenile camps, and community education centers across Los Angeles County.

May 1, 1999
In the wake of the recent Colorado...

and Alberta school killings, Men For Change has been inundated with requests for information regarding the Healthy Relationships curriculum. Queries from this Web site have quadrupled this past week, and the curriculum has been featured by numerous media outlets including: The Globe and Mail, CBC-TV, Global TV, CTV, CBC Radio, Radio Canada International, and in Halifax: The Daily News, The Chronicle-Herald, and CJCH Radio.

HRC now included in the Ontario Curriculum Clearinghouse Catalogue
Ontario Curriculum Clearinghouse (OCC) was established by five Ontario education associations and the Ministry of Education and Training and is an independent, not-for-profit, charitable corporation. OCC evaluates learning resources as a service to educators, encourages cooperative development of learning resources, and provides support services. Read the OCC Review of Healthy Relationships

News of Healthy Relationships Makes it Around the World
The October, 1998 issue of Sexual Health Exchange—a quarterly newsletter/magazine co-published by the Royal Tropical Institute (The Netherlands) and Southern Africa AIDS Information Dissemination Service (Zimbabwe) — features an article about Healthy Relationships.

This publication's Editorial Advisors are a truly international collection of experts—from Argentina, Ghana, Peru, Italy, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Israel, Tanzania, India, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, and Egypt!

You may send subscription requests, articles and letters to: Sexual Health Exchange, Information, Library and Documentation Department, Royal Tropical Institute, P.O. Box 95001, 1090 HA Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Students give BBC lesson—Brits film metro violence-prevention classes
Halifax Daily News October 16, 1998

October 14, 1998
BBC Documentary
BBC-TV from Manchester, England arrived in Halifax today to film the use of Healthy Relationships in Nova Scotia schools. The footage will be used in a 30-minute documentary on Violence-Prevention Education in the Schools which is scheduled to be aired in northwestern England in November. The education reporter and a cameraman filmed two junior high and two senior high classes over two days. The BBC crew's first stop was a session on Date Rape at a high school in Dartmouth, co-facilitated by curriculum co-developer Roger Davies, followed by Family Studies, Health, and Career & Life Management classes.

The Online Healthy Relationships Project - Nova Scotia Pilot

Between October 1 and December 20, 1998, 14 teachers and 9 school liaison police officers in 11 schools taught ten activities from Healthy Relationships Violence-Prevention Curriculum. These lessons were team taught by the teacher and liaison officer. Outside the classroom the teachers, liaison officers, and students continued to discuss the material that was been presented via an Internet discussion group. For more information please visit the Pilot project website.

NEWS RELEASE July 27, 1998
Youth Learn Alternatives to Violence
Promising results in year two of the Manitoba evaluation.

"We have results that suggest that Healthy Relationships is quite influential. We expected that in the third year we would see program-group students being less violent. But we are seeing behaviour changes now, particularly among the girls. Considering we're using such a short version of the curriculum, that's especially encouraging."
    — Dr. Wendy Josephson, Principal Investigator

Opening Up Communication and Teaching Responsibility
Curriculum Review by Earl Mounger

Los Angeles County Young Offenders
Learn To Diffuse the Volatility of Anger

Insights from Mercy E. Anderson.

National Child & Youth Care Conference
Roger Davies and Andrew Safer presented a 90-minute workshop on Healthy Relationships at the Eleventh National Child & Youth Care Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 29, 1998. Among those present were social workers, youth care workers, youth services program coordinators, teachers, students, addiction counsellors, clinical therapists, case managers/follow-up coordinators, family support workers, and health coordinators.

Training in Los Angeles and Phoenix
Healthy Relationships Curriculum co-developers Peter Davison and Andrew Safer returned to Los Angeles to conduct training workshops and hold information sessions, March 21-27, 1998. On Wednesday, March 25, an information session was held at the Residence of The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Consul General, Canadian Consulate General, and former Prime Minister of Canada, for educators, law enforcement, detention centre staff, and women's groups. Halifax Daily News Report

On Saturday, March 28, Teacher training for the Phoenix Union High School District was held in Phoenix, Arizona

Trinidad Conference
Men For Change Participates in an International Conference on Male Violence in Trinidad, November 17 to 21, 1997

Peter Davison, co-developer of Healthy Relationships, was one of two Canadian delegates selected to represent Canada at the international conference: Violence, Self and the Young Male. The event was hosted in Trinidad and featured delegates from the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America,the United States, and England. Information on the curriculum was widely distributed and eagerly received by delegates interested in progressive programming for juvenile offenders in their countries. When she returned home after the conference, a delegate from Suriname began incorporating Healthy Relationships into an existing program for young women.

Peter also met with members of the Trinidadian men's group Men Against Violence Against Women, and he was interviewed on national radio regarding violence- prevention initiatives in Canada.

Action in Oregon
In early October 1997, Officer Carol Reid (1996 D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year) of the McMinnville Police Department, McMinnville, Oregon conducted a workshop on Healthy Relationships at "Embracing Change", the 38th Annual Fall Conference of the Oregon Child and Youth Care Association. The conference was held at The Inn At Spanish Head, Lincoln City, Oregon. Each week, Carol teaches activities from Healthy Relationships to youth at the Yamhill County Juvenile Detention Center. Carol Reid
Officer Carol Reid

Now online:
Healthy Relationships In Action
Featuring eight curriculum implementations.

Press Release

Los Angeles County Juvenile Court Schools Adopt Nova Scotia Violence-Prevention Program

Preliminary Results of the Manitoba Evaluation
After one year of a three year study on the effectiveness of this program.

HRC Lessons Online
The Media Awareness Network has published Gender Stereotypes and Body Image, three online lessons from Healthy Relationships Volume II, Gender Equality and Media Awareness.

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Now online:
Healthy Relationships Curriculum

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Healthy Relationships in the Field
Organizations that Have Ordered Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships Newsletter, No. 1
The Making of this Curriculum (1996)
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