Healthy Relationships
  OCC Review: Healthy Relationships

Curriculum Correlation:
This learning resource supports the intent of the Healthy Living and Active Participation strands for grades 7-8 in the Ontario Curriculum, Health and Physical Education, 1998.

The resource also supports the Media Literacy strand in the Ontario Curriculum, Language, 1997 and a similar proposed strand in the Language Curriculum Policy Document for Secondary Schools (under development) as well as the proposed Family Studies course in the Social Science Curriculum Policy Document for Secondary Schools (under development.)

The learning resource is specifically focused on developing appropriate healthy social behaviours and relationships. In the first section, the material is designed to help students learn how to deal with aggression. The second section helps students become aware of violence portrayed in the media, especially television, and the last section focuses on building relationships based on trust and respect for individuals.

The information is for the most part accurate. Teachers may wish to replace the articles with more recent and more locally relevant ones.

This social issue is discussed mainly in the context of gender relationships. More information is needed on homophobia and on violence against woman with regard to race, disabilities, and age.

Methodology and Assessment:
The learning resource is well constructed with an appropriate developmental structure. The concepts are presented clearly with background for the teacher, strategies for presenting the information, and activities that encourage students to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills in independent and group situations.

The format is easy to follow with recurring elements that allow the user to move systematically through each concept. The material is non-sequential, allowing teachers to choose which concepts are most relevant to the students and to a specific curriculum.

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